Maria Maldonato Smith: How did you create a vision for your future?

Maria Maldonado Smith is the Chief Empowerment Officer of MMS Consulting and creator of the Executive Vision Imagery program. Maria joined Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Kentucky, and she is a former Miss Kentucky who made the shift from the Miss America competition to Corporate America. After 18 years of award-winning success in the corporate space working as a sales leader for Fortune 500 companies across three different industries, Maria brings her unparalleled combination of experience to her proprietary process and interactive trainings, helping companies understand the science and benefits of goal-setting for their employees. She equips leaders, employees and organizations to clearly define goals and create a roadmap to achieving them, which allows for better alignment with corporate culture, leading to increased productivity and profitability. Maria has served numerous national and international clients, including US House of Representatives, Disney and Paramount Studios.

In episode 447 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out if Maria was always thinking about big future goals with such optimism, what made her choose the University of Kentucky, what the experience was like in 2004 to be crowned the first Hispanic Miss Kentucky and then wun the opportunity to represent Kentucky at the Miss America 2005 pageant in Atlantic City, what made her decide to head into the corporate world, how does she create a vision for the future using Executive Vision Imagery, what college students should consider when making a resume, how to excel at the interview, and how students can motivate the members of their fraternity or sorority. Enjoy!