A Good Day for Torie: SAE and ZTA at UNC Charlotte


Torie Costa attends Hough High in Huntersville, NC. She is a member of the DECA club at school. She has many friends, loves the color pink and lives life to the fullest.

Torie relapsed in June 2015 and is fighting once again. Her main struggle this time is fluid filling the pleura space on the left side, therefore crushing her lung. She had surgery on 12/7/15 to perform a pleuradesis to stop the fluid from accumulating. On 12/8/15, she went into respiratory distress and ended up in PICU. It has been a struggle thus far, but it appears she is turning the corner and will beat the ARDS brought on by the surgery. Now all she has to beat is the cancer. She did it once before, she can do it again!

Thanks to SAE and ZTA at UNC Charlotte for their support, well done! Check out the video below: