Stevens Greeks Deliver Food to First Responders After NJ Transit Train Crashes


On Thursday, a New Jersey Transit train filled with passengers during rush hour slammed into a bumper block, went airborne, and hit the passenger concourse at 8:45 AM. It killed one woman waiting on the platform who was hit by debris, and injured more than 100 passengers. It seems that the New York/New Jersey area is always prepared to handle any emergencies or situations that arise, and this was no exception.

Once word spread of the accident, the Greek students at Stevens Institute of Technology, which is located only a few short blocks away from the Hoboken Terminal, gathered to collect donations of water, coffee, donuts, granola bars, and other snacks for all the first responders. Police, firefighters, EMT’s, and investigators who were working at the scene of the crash are always worried about helping others, and this time they got a great showing of support from the students at Stevens for all the hard work they do.

It’s just another way of showing the world that the fraternity and sorority community truly want to help make a difference in their communities, they live the values of their respective organizations, and they show appreciation for the brave men and women who protect us every day of their lives. There is no better leadership organization on our campuses, and when fraternity and sorority is done right, it can have a great impact that is felt all over the world.

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