Lauren Beane: Why should we embrace the process of failure?

After you listen to this podcast episode today, you will learn how to push past your fear of failure. We’ll talk about ways to unlock the potential of other fraternity and sorority members in your chapter and on your campus, as well as ways to engage on social media. To tell us all about it is Lauren Beane. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband and a (very) spoiled Boston Terrier. She is now on a mission to share what she has learned, failures and all, to inspire others to overcome their fear of failure in pursuit of the goals and life they dream of.

In episode # 155, we find out what made NC State the right place for Lauren, what was special about Kappa Delta at NC State, how she was able to increase impressions so significantly on social media for Cisco during an internship, how that internship led to a full time position with Cisco, why we should we embrace the process of failure, how fraternity and sorority members can unlock the potential of the other members around them, what chapters should post and who they should they engage with on social media to grow their network, and why connecting and engaging on LinkedIn is so important. Enjoy!