BlaQberry View: How can we be an ally to the Black LGBTQ community?

We have with us today the entire cast of the BlaQberry view, which is 5 Black Queer Men discussing topics such as racism, colorism, sex, and dating on their show, each with their own unique perspectives. It consists of Adrian Neil Jr, Dr. Zach Shirley, Quintin Coleman, Chris Walker, and Harold Brown.

In episode #154 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what is the BlaQberry View, how we can find innovative and cost-effective solutions to get better availability of accessible mental health services to college students, what makes an effective program on a college campus today, how college students should know if they are on the right track for their career, how a positive energy can impact your career, your relationships, and your direction in life, ways that we can be an ally to the Black LGBTQ community, whether it’s an automatic disqualification if our significant other doesn’t have their financial situation in order, whether Caitlyn Jenner is helping trans women and helping to make more inclusive spaces in our community, whether people of influence should have certain boundaries that they shouldn’t ever cross, and their favorite restaurants in Dallas. Enjoy!