Dennis Gillan: What are the warning signs of mental distress?

Welcome to episode # 101 of Fraternity Foodie! My guest today is Dennis Gillan, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story of perseverance. As a professional mental health speaker, Dennis brings his inspirational story to audiences and venues anywhere and everywhere. Though he is not a licensed counselor, he is able to communicate his message and story to an audience who needs healing.

We find out what it was like for Dennis to grow up in Rockland County, New York (same hometown as me), why Dennis chose West Virginia University for his undergraduate experience, what was special about Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity, how he handled the phone call as a Junior in college that his older brother Mark died by suicide, what it was like 11 years later to get another phone call that his younger brother Matthew also died by suicide, how Dennis’ first presentation on mental health went, the warning signs of mental distress, what is QPR, and how Dennis is training his brain to lean towards Posttraumatic Growth. You’re going to love this interview! Video: