Rod Knoerr: How do you shift your perspective from victim to victor?

Our next guest was the devoted husband to his wife Beth for 40 years, the last 3 in the storm of terminal cancer. During this journey in the storm they grew so close to each other and discovered purpose as they encouraged and served those around them. As a dentist and certified leadership coach, he has devoted his life to helping others realize their potential. Everyone is in the midst of a storm, or will be in the future. His secrets of perspective shift in the storm will allow others to experience impactfulness they never could have imagined. Rod is the author of “Don’t Waste This Storm”.

In episode 226 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Rod Knoerr chose Saginaw Valley State University for his undergraduate experience, what he thought when his wife of 40 years received the diagnosis of terminal cancer, how he shifted his perspective from victim to victor, what it means when he says “it’s not WHERE you find yourself, but instead, it’s about WHO you’re with that matters”, techniques to reduce anxiety, tips to reduce sleeplessness, why students should be building on the rock as an individual instead of the sand, how we can use humor to walk on water with a smile on your face, and Rod’s favorite local restaurant in Marshall, Michigan. Enjoy!