Raina Bradford-Jennings: How can chapters be more inclusive in their social media posts?

Raina Bradford-Jennings is a Marketing and Communications professional who is passionate about uncovering, understanding, and sharing the dynamic stories about her organization, the mission, and the people she serves, so she’s got GOLD for you in recommendations on how to be more inclusive with your chapter and council social media posts!

In episode #125 of the The Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Raina chose Carnegie Mellon, how she got the Superhero name “Highly Opinionated Girl”, why she believes that if anyone tells you that you’re too emotional you should ignore them, who was Casey Goodson Jr. and why his story is important, why she you wonders if she’ll ever achieve the bravery it takes to be authentically herself without worrying how she is perceived, why she gives back to Delta Gamma, why undergraduates should they should turn around, apologize, and learn from mistakes, the type of work Raina was engaged with at the Delta Gamma Executive Offices, how we can be more inclusive in our social media posts (as well as more accessible), and her favorite flavors of Lion Cubs Cookies. Enjoy!

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