Arlena Jackson: How Can College Students Get Their Dream Job?

Our next guest, Arlena Jackson, once struggled with crippling fear and anxiety in my early career. She suffered in silence and was afraid to own her power and seat at the corporate table. She thought she was an imposter who would soon be found out. Her own fear and anxiety disqualified her for the promotions she desired during the first 5 years of her career. But one day, she finally had enough. She overcame her fear, mastered her psychology, and finally discovered her true value and stopped settling for less than what she was really worth. This act of courage changed her life. She got promoted multiple times and became an executive at Salesforce, IBM, and NASA. She’s here to help you get over your imposter syndrome.

In episode number 185 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Arlena chose Florida A&M, how she was able to overcome Imposter Syndrome, how working at IBM for 4 years doing public relations and marketing impacted her career, what it was like working at NASA as a communications director, job search strategies for college students and recent graduates, mistakes students are making on their resumes, advice on how to ace your job interview, how to convert your interview into a high paying job offer, how to manage your shift to “adulting” with your new job and income, and her favorite restaurants on each coast.