Annalise Sinclair: Why do we hide our mental health struggles?

Today we have Annalise Sinclair, a homegrown Florida gal that transplanted to South Carolina by way of Ohio. While working on her Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of South Florida, she was first diagnosed with chronic depressive disorder coupled with generalized anxiety. She spent the next 4 years balancing a sorority, academics, marching band, a full-time job, and a secret mental illness. Her first true love is storytelling- whether that be through speaking, blogging, or art- and Annalise is thrilled to be able to share her personal story as a professional college speaker in order to inspire others to seek help for their own mental health struggles.

In episode 221 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Annalise chose the University of South Florida, what made Alpha Omicron Pi the right organization to join, why we hide our mental health struggles, what it was like to be at Presbyterian College as the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Greek Life, what it was like to develop curriculum for Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, how we can practice self-compassion in our everyday routines, how we can embrace vulnerability and actually share our feelings/emotions, how we prevent new members in our organizations from becoming overwhelmed, and some strategies to create a better public image for fraternity and sorority. Enjoy!