Jessica Pettitt: How do we build long lasting connections with students?

Welcome to episode # 77 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we have with us Jessica Pettitt. Jess has been stirring up difficult conversations for over a decade, performing as a stand-up comic, speaking on stage as a diversity educator, and moving teams from abstract to action. We find out why she chose Hendrix College, why she’s pursuing her MBA now, why her position at NYU as the LGBT Student Services Program Advisor was so important, why she started working for her own company after years in Higher Education, how her book called Good Enough Now can help those who struggle with inaction and those who chase perfection, why she always leaves room for edits, how we can focus on what we can control during a pandemic, how students can make long lasting connections in a virtual environment, how student organizations can attract more diverse students, why it’s important to articulate our own stereotypes and derogatory terms, and how we can ensure all of our members are heard on difficult topics like racism and politics. We even find out her favorite restaurants in Eureka, California! If you’re like me and you wanted to know everything about Jess, here is your opportunity! Link: