Susan Stone and Kristina Supler: How can we ensure due process in college sexual assault cases?

We have a couple of guests from the legal side on our show today that will help shed a light on Title IX investigations, student disciplinary matters, as well as current policies and training to navigate Title IX cases.

Susan Stone’s life work is to help students in crisis and to meet their legal needs. Recognizing the need for legal services dedicated to protecting students, professors and individuals with disabilities, Susan C. Stone handles matters ranging from special education issues to student disciplinary matters and Title IX investigations. Kristina Supler has achieved great success protecting students and professors in campus Title IX proceedings, which has garnered her a national reputation. Her services are particularly sought after to navigate Title IX cases involving a parallel criminal investigation. In addition to being a skilled Title IX attorney, Kristina also helps students of all ages facing academic misconduct, research misconduct and other types of discipline.

In episode 275 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Kristina chose Boston University, why Susan decided to join Alpha Phi at Miami University, whether consent and bystander intervention trainings continue to be the best ways to prevent a sexual assault from happening, why due process is so important, what are some of the unintended consequences of colleges when they adjudicate these cases, how we can be more transparent in the handling of these cases on campus, what fraternities and sororities can do to prevent sexual assaults, how students should handle disclosures, and where to go for more resources.