Carolyn Carpenter: How does the Fraternity Foundation give back to members?

Welcome to episode # 87 of Fraternity Foodie! I hope you’re buckled in for today’s show. We have with us Carolyn Carpenter, Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation President! Carolyn served ZTA as National President from 2014 to 2018, and was elected President of the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation at its biennial meeting during ZTA Convention 2018 in Orlando, Florida. She is proud to serve an organization of women who still strive every day to ‘Seek the Noblest.’ We find out why she chose UNC Chapel Hill, what makes Zeta Tau Alpha special, what does ‘Seek the Noblest’ mean now and when she was an undergraduate, Deb Ensor’s contributions to ZTA and the entire fraternal community, what Carolyn is most proud of during her two terms as National President, how we can encourage more partnerships in the fraternal world, why Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the inaugural day of giving, how Grace Grants help those sisters impacted by COVID-19, how and when ZTA sisters can apply for scholarships, how alumnae members can fund a scholarship, and her two favorite places to eat in Austin. You don’t want to miss this! Link: