Karen Laos: How should students navigate conflict in their sorority or fraternity?

What Karen Laos has learned through her experience is that it really comes down to 3 things her mom taught her about how to treat people: “Be direct, honest and kind.” Karen teaches high achieving women in business to speak with confidence and clarity. She has 25+ years of experience specializing in communication for companies such as NASA, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Sephora, Fidelity, Bacardi, UnitedHealthcare, Sony, Uber and more. Karen is also a best-selling author twice: Trust Your Own Voice: Growing Your Influence Through Confident Communication and Invisible No More: Stepping Into the Spotlight.

In episode 391 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Karen chose Lafayette College, why Karen’s mission is to eradicate self-doubt in 10 million women worldwide by 2030, why women give away their power and how do they get it back, what are some of the most common communication mistakes, how can college students become influential communicators, how can college students command a room, how college students can feel more comfortable talking about who they are and what they do, how students can navigate conflict in their sorority or fraternity, and the best way to negotiate with your boss for a raise. Enjoy! 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huOYCKbzRYU