Dr. Erica Steele: How does googling your health problems create even more problems?

Our next guest is Dr. Erica Steele! She is an extensively educated and trained board-certified naturopathic doctor, doctor of natural medicine and certified functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Steele specializes in natural health, healing, disease prevention and total, holistic wellness. Since 2001, by applying multi-faceted and synergistic approaches to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, Dr. Steele has transformed the lives of countless children, teens, adults and elderly patients challenged by an array of conditions ranging from digestive and immune-related disorders to neurological, hormonal and more. She works with wisdom, experience and diligence to find the causes of disease and illness so her patients can advance from lives of managing symptoms to the life-giving benefits of sustainable well-being and optimal total health.

In episode number 207, we find out how Dr. Steele’s upbringing helped to prepare her to be a functional medicine practitioner and naturopathic doctor, how massage therapy helped with her understanding of anatomy and physiology, why she decided to go down the road of Naturopathic doctors even though she knew it would be an uphill battle, why she believes in finding the causes of imbalance in people’s health instead of just addressing the symptoms, why she resists the urge to weigh in on things such as the COVID-19 vaccinations, advice for college students with confidence challenges, what college students should do when they have parents who are overbearing and overprotective, how we can build up the proper nutrients in the body while gently detoxing the body, and how googling your health problems will create even more problems. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLq9amLbN7c