Christine DiDonato: What can college students & recent grads do to accelerate their career path?

We have with us today Christine DiDonato, author of “Get There Faster: The no-nonsense, no-fluff guide to the career you want” and founder of Career Revolution, Inc. is an innovator in the space of emerging leader development. As a former Talent Management Executive at Sony, Christine focused her passion and research on developing the youngest generation of employees to become the next generation of leaders.

Christine is a LinkedIn Author and seasoned facilitator who partners with clients to move beyond theory and academics and to put tangible solutions in place that address the challenges of our new workforce. She is recognized as a leading expert in her field as seen in her contributions to popular media sources like TIME, Money, Inc., Forbes, Human Capital Institute, Society for Human Resource Development, and USA Today.

We find out why Christine chose San Francisco State University for her Master’s Degree, what she learned as Head of Talent and Organizational Development for Sony Electronics, what is Career Revolution and who are her customers, what college students and recent graduates can do to accelerate their career path, how to figure out what your “purpose” really is, how you make a big career pivot, how you can transition to being an entrepreneur, how you can work around a boss that’s not supporting your career growth, and how managers can keep their employees engaged in 2021 and beyond. Enjoy!