Jane Epstein: How can we better support survivors of sexual assault?

Trigger warning: we will be discussing sexual assault in this episode.

Today our guest is Jane Epstein. Jane was sexually molested as a child over a period of years. It changes her beliefs about herself, her self-worth (or lack thereof), and she took detours in life. The carnage left behind from a selfish act of another human has had long-term effects and lasting pain. She is 49 years old and finally sorting it all out. She has spent years getting herself back and understanding who she really is and who she can still become. I’m grateful that Jane is with us today and she is going to share her journey with our listeners. The first time I heard the story I was just floored, so I know her words will impact you as well.

In episode number 166 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, Jane tells us how being sexually molested as a child impacted her as a child and into her years as a teenager, how she dropped out of college to be a stripper in Des Moines, Iowa, how her first husband rescued her, what happened when she went to marriage counseling with her second husband, how sharing the story helps with the healing process, what the letter of forgiveness said, how we can better support survivors of sexual assault, and what her family life is like today.