Anna Rodin: What should college students do if they feel lost & overwhelmed navigating adulthood?

Our next guest is Anna Rodin. Anna’s mission is to share experiences from her own life and research, as well as advice from experts for people in their twenties. Anna is an author being published in January 2023 and she is working with New Degree Press and the Creator Institute to make this happen! She was brought to this book writing community after making some unexpected but extremely valuable detours, like studying abroad her first semester of school, getting her yoga teacher certification, and eventually transferring schools. Anna is very excited to share what she learned and the others that she was able to include in the book.

In episode 290 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Anna chose UConn for her undergraduate experience, what it was like to study abroad in Italy at 18 years old, what are the benefits of yoga for college students, what is driving her to publish her book called “For Your Twenties”, which thought leaders really resonated with her, why it’s important to uncover old wounds and face old trauma, what our college students should do if they feel a bit lost and overwhelmed navigating adulthood and choosing a career, and why authenticity/vulnerability is so important in building relationships. Enjoy!