Alan McMillan: How can college students graduate with multiple job offers?

Alan J. McMillan is the founder of, the informational resource for students and early employees transitioning from campus, to career, to their eventual financial independence. He is a retired high-tech executive who held the VP of Sales role four times in Silicon Valley with venture funded start-ups. He discovered a new calling when he identified an unmet need—and that is helping college students understand what it takes to figure out what they want in career and in life, nail their education, get a job that is the first step in an amazing career, have the skills to maintain employability over the arc of their career, and develop a plan that can lead to their financial independence, without demoting their lifestyle. He has spoken to thousands of students across America in live lectures and has built a formal curriculum in colleges including an acclaimed class at Ohio University. Discount code for our listeners!

In episode 289 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what it was like for Alan to go through the MBA at the MIT Sloan Fellows program, advice he has for the students that are thinking about bringing a new product or service to market, what made him want to start LearnEarnRetire, how college students can graduate with multiple job offers, how students can thrive in their new position after college, how they can replace their job if it doesn’t work out quickly and efficiently, tips on how students can use their money wisely when they are young, and how they can ensure a solid financial plan so they can retire comfortably. Enjoy!