Andrew Culkin: How can we understand and identify alcoholism?

Andrew Culkin’s wife of 25 years passed away in February of 2020 due to alcoholism. Andrew realized he needed to find a purpose to her nearly two decades of slow decline. He soon found himself on a mission to help other families understand the disease and find help for their loved ones before they become chronic. He has both a unique perspective and a no nonsense approach to dealing with this horrific disease. Andrew is the author of “AMANDA, a Cautionary Tale”. Andrew is dedicated to helping families understand, identify, and cope.

In episode number 260 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Andrew chose the University of San Bernardino, more about the slow decline that he saw in his wife Amanda due to alcoholism, how alcoholics directly affect their families and loved ones, reasons for the increase in binge drinking during the pandemic, ways we can identify alcoholic tendencies in college students, how we can respond when a close friend or loved one is clearly an alcoholic in denial, what an alcoholic must say if they have any chance at recovery, things that society needs to understand in order to help with an alcoholic’s recovery, and some of the pitfalls and expectations at a rehab facility.