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Jessica Pettitt: How do we build long lasting connections with students?

Welcome to episode # 77 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we have with us Jessica Pettitt. Jess has been stirring up difficult conversations for over a decade, performing as a stand-up comic, speaking on stage as a diversity educator, and moving teams from abstract to action. We find out why she chose Hendrix College, why she’s pursuing her MBA now, why her position at NYU as the LGBT Student Services Program Advisor was so important, why she started working for her own company after years in Higher Education, how her book called Good Enough Now can help those who struggle with inaction and those who chase perfection, why she always leaves room for edits, how we can focus on what we can control during a pandemic, how students can make long lasting connections in a virtual environment, how student organizations can attract more diverse students, why it’s important to articulate our own stereotypes and derogatory terms, and how we can ensure all of our members are heard on difficult topics like racism and politics. We even find out her favorite restaurants in Eureka, California! If you’re like me and you wanted to know everything about Jess, here is your opportunity! Link:....

What Does Hazing Prevention Look Like in a Pandemic?

In today’s webinar, we have three incredible panelists for you that are all firmly committed to hazing prevention, so I’m very curious to hear their thoughts on whether their work on hazing prevention changes at all given this new online class format that we find ourselves in for college campuses. Our expert panelists: Lawrence Ross, Dr. Elizabeth Allan, and Dr. Jason L. Meriwether. They have all contributed towards the recent book published by NASPA called Dismantling Hazing in Greek-Letter Organizations. Link:

Delaney Bosworth: How can we make Greek Life more accessible for those with physical disabilities?

Welcome to episode #75 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we interview Delaney Bosworth, an undergraduate member of Alpha Xi Delta at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. Delaney tells us about what happened to her at age 11 that caused her to be paralyzed, how everyone has their “wheelchair” – or that thing that holds them back and makes us believe we are not good enough, why Millersville University works so well for students with disabilities, what attracted her to Alpha Xi Delta over other organizations, how we can address the systems in Greek Life that sometimes prevents those with disabilities from participating, why she is so resilient, and what she learned about herself through this process. You will be so inspired by listening to Delaney’s story. Link:

Adam Hollmann: How can we encourage students with disabilities to participate in our events?

Welcome to episode #74 of Fraternity Foodie! Get ready for another incredible guest. Today we have on our show Adam Hollmann. Adam is the Assistant Director of Student Life – Programming at University of Detroit Mercy. We talk to Adam about why he chose Indiana University in Bloomington, his recommendations for other future higher education professionals about getting a Masters in Higher Education, why University of Detroit Mercy is a special place, how he plans campus wide programming, how he became Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the University, information about the Evans Scholars, how he navigates life with a disability, how he uses captioning media for videos, how we can ensure students with disabilities participate in our events, how we can help members with social disabilities such as anxiety, and how we can increase disability awareness on campus. Link: