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Dr. Annie White: How can we rewire our brains to eliminate stress and anxiety? Featured

Dr. Annie White is the author of The Calm Code: Transform Your Mind, Change Your Life. After thousands of hours of patient visits and a decade studying neuroscience and neuroplasticity, she developed a revolutionary step-by-step method to minimize stress and maximize happiness. Annie has a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tools are based on neuroplasticity and rewiring the brain. Not only did her patients want stress and anxiety relief, but there also came the point when Annie desperately needed these techniques. Once she saw for herself how well they worked, it became her mission to get them into the hands of everyone who needed them. The Calm Code isn’t a typical stress or anxiety book. It gives you a step-by-step solution to transform your mind, and change your life. Stress, anxiety management, and happiness, here you come. In episode 323 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what life was like for Dr. Annie White before The Calm Code, how she developed The Calm Code, how exercising more, getting better sleep, and eating healthier really not the answer to stress, how we can rewire our brains to eliminate stress and anxiety, what are the signs that stress is....

Dr. Reesa Woolf: How can college students remove their fear of public speaking and perform well? Featured

Dr. Reesa Woolf is a TED Talk Trainer, a worldwide Keynote Speaker and a #1 Bestselling Author. Reesa has trained 3,000 clients in Fortune 500 companies to master persuasive writing and presenting and to deliver excellent talks and presentations. She is efficient with her time, extremely professional and goes above and beyond with her clients. Her book is called “Mr. Bear Speaks Without Fear”, so go and pick up that book on Amazon! In episode 321 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Dr. Woolf chose the University of Maryland for her undergraduate experience, why she has dedicated her life to training others on public speaking, what tips she has to remove the fear of public speaking, what we should do if our material is boring, how students can move up in their career and get noticed in their first job, how we can stop rambling and finally get to the point, how we can get rid of those filler words in our speech (um, uh, you know), how we can use diplomatic wording for sensitive issues, and the best way for us to get a TEDx talk after we’ve perfected our public speaking skills. Enjoy! Link:

Dr. Theresa “Taj” Shotwell: How should new professionals control their behavior, image & spending? Featured

Dr. Theresa “Taj” Shotwell, is a distinguished author, professor, songwriter, screenwriter, playwright, and poet. Dr. Shotwell wrote several fiction and nonfiction books including a bestselling textbook. She earned an accounting degree and an MBA from Golden Gate University. Dr. Shotwell worked fifteen years in public accounting. She earned a Doctor of Education degree from the University of San Francisco and taught over thirty years in business and education at colleges and universities in California and Florida, ending the last 18 years as a full honored professor at the Florida A&M University. Dr. Shotwell lives a health-conscious lifestyle, enjoys community service, and has traveled to every continent and many countries. In episode 320 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Dr. Shotwell chose Golden Gate University, what she liked best about being a professor at Florida A&M on Educational Leadership and Accounting for over 18 years, how educators can teach accounting in a fun way, time management advice for college students, how new professionals and recent graduates can control their behavior, their image, and their spending, whether Dr. Shotwell’s new book will help with the careers that students should choose, what are assumptions people make about our appearance, and....

Jean Adam: How did you create your own documentary film that we can all stream today? Featured

Jean Rollens Adam Jr. is an independent filmmaker who has recently released his first documentary film called “Finding Betty”. A new face in the world of fighting injustice, Jean’s passion for the case of Betty Wilson knows no bounds. In episode 319 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Jean chose Albright College for his undergraduate experience, how he started breakdancing with the Skandolous Crew of Albright College, what it was like to be a rapper with The Peanut Gallery and Party of 5IVE, how his experience has been with the US Army now for over 8 years and serving as squad leader responsible for 9 soldiers, how you go about executing the film development and production if someone has an idea they want to bring to streaming platforms like Tubi or Amazon Prime, more about the film “Finding Betty” and the case of Betty Wilson, how our listeners can help get freedom for Betty, whether Jean questions the integrity of the justice system today, and ideas of other independent films that Jean wants to start working on in 2023. Enjoy! Link: