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Drew Hopson: Is COVID-19 the long-overdue innovation catalyst for fraternities?

Drew Hopson handles programming and resources for Triangle Fraternity’s 40+ campus groups, as well as handling responsibility for their chapter visitation and assessment program. Drew joined staff after two years at the University of West Georgia where he worked in the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life while earning his Masters of Education in Counseling. Hopson is a member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity but has volunteered and interned with several men’s college fraternities including Phi Kappa Tau and Pi Lambda Phi, as well as several NIC leadership programs and regional Interfraternity meetings. Drew is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, where he was a recipient of numerous scholarships and awards for leadership, academic performance, and service. In episode #136​ of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Drew chose DePaul University, we discuss the work he did with the Interfraternity Council as VP of Internal Affairs and President of the IFC, what his experience has been like at Triangle Fraternity, why he thinks COVID-19 was a long-overdue innovation catalyst for fraternities, his thoughts on fraternities that give up their affiliation with the university, how we can get ahead of the alcohol/hazing problems to come, how we can....

Elaine Pasqua: How can today’s college students work together to reduce drunken unprotected hookups?

Today we have with us Elaine Pasqua. As a Certified Speaking Professional, she provides thought-provoking, high energy, interactive programs that have transformed the lives of more than half a million people nationwide. Thirty one pro sport teams, 650 campuses, and countless organizations and businesses have benefited from her 23 years of expertise addressing diversity and inclusion, workplace harassment, sexual assault, substance abuse, sexual health, effective communication, and resilience. Her customized programs create a more positive environment, something we all want right now. In episode # 135 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Elaine is so passionate in this area of HIV/AIDS prevention education and training, the extensive work she’s done for the NFL, NBA, and MLB, how can increasing diversity improve fraternity/sorority innovation, how today’s college students adopt a healthy lifestyle when everything is built “to-go” and “on the run”, how today’s college students can reduce the number of drunken unprotected hookups, how we can decrease mental health issues on college campuses, why we should be unplugging from social media and technology, and Elaine’s favorite restaurant in in Doylestown, PA. Enjoy! Link:

Dr. Katie Nall: What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “tapping”, & how can it reduce anxiety?

Today we have with us Dr. Katie Nall. A late-in-life doctoral student, Katie Nall earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education just before her 60th birthday while working full-time at a local community college. Dr. Nall is still employed full-time at the college, teaching several mathematics courses and providing lecture and training for college-sponsored events. She is a TEDx Speaker, and accredited master trainer & EFT Practitioner, and energetic podcast guest, an author, and a DISC trainer extraordinaire at NallEdge Co. We find out why Katie chose San Francisco State University for her undergraduate experience, how she’s been able to help grow enrollment as Campus Director at Indian River State College, what DISC is and how we can use it to eliminate stress, what is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “tapping”, and how that helps to reduce anxiety, methods to stay focused, how we can learn to listen better, what is John Randolph Price’s “The 40 Day Prosperity Plan”, what students should do if they are unsure about their current career direction, and her favorite restaurant in Vero Beach, Florida. Link:

Joseph Vernace: How do we add a new sorority or fraternity to our campus?

Today we have with us Joseph Vernace, the Associate Director of the Health Sciences Office of Student Services at Stony Brook University. Joseph is a Father, husband, and experienced, values-driven higher education professional – in that order. He is a lifelong student eager to learn, grow his skills, and find avenues for his creativity to flourish. Guided by a coaching mindset, he’s a developer, advocate, and ally with a great deal of heart, love, and passion for student and staff development. In episode #133​, Joe tells us why he chose Adelphi for his undergraduate experience (and was a founder of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity there), how his role today with the Health Sciences Office is different from other roles he has had in the past with residence life and student involvement, why campuses should open up for new fraternities and sororities to join their community, what type of data we should be collecting to demonstrate that this is a good idea, how we can get campus-wide buy in, how you can make your campus attractive to NPC groups, his opinion on exploratory visits, the pros and cons of doing outreach to organizations directly, what should be on the evaluation form....