Bailie White: How can college students overcome the stumbling blocks after graduation?

Bailie White is a Nashville, Tennessee girl at heart currently living in the charming town of Savannah, Georgia. After graduating school in Kentucky, she married her college sweetheart and life has taken them on a wildly fun ride ever since. Just five years after graduating college, she had started, scaled, and sold a six-figure business. Without a doubt, Bailie is hooked on entrepreneurship for life! Today, entrepreneurship looks less like traveling the world and owning a travel company, and more like podcasting and speaking to college women about taking ownership of their own lives and living out their own brands of beautiful.

In episode 422 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Bailie chose Western Kentucky University, what made her want to join Alpha Delta Pi over other organizations, why she decided to sell her six-figure travel business, how students can overcome all the stumbling blocks after graduation, how students should think about life after graduation, what is a brand of beautiful, and what kinds of stories Bailie will be sharing on her new podcast. Enjoy!