Mariah “Modi” Fair: How can we encourage students to get help with depression and anxiety?

Welcome to episode #83 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we have with us Mariah “Modi” Fair, who is an author, blogger, and writer. A graduate of Fisk University with a degree in English, Modi fell in love with literature. She is the author of “Some Women Prefer Hell”. Her passion for writing keeps her depression and anxiety at bay. Depression can be a crippling disease, but Modi was and still is resilient and refuses to let it get the best of her.

We find out why Fisk University in Nashville chose her, what it’s like working in the family business of day care centers, what the business looks like today, what Modi’s purpose was in releasing her book, how parents model behavior for their children, how writing helps Modi deal with issues she’s having, what someone should do if they find themselves in an abusive or manipulative relationship, how we should talk more about depression or anxiety within families, what’s next in Modi’s career, and her favorite place to eat in Chicago. Enjoy! Link: