Brian Bates: What is a comprehensive Alumni Relations program for fraternities & sororities?

Our next guest is Brian Bates, and he specializes in fraternity and sorority alumni communication programs and major capital campaigns for new houses, major renovations, and much more. He was the owner of The Laurus Group, founded in May. With over 50 years of fraternity experience, The Laurus Group team had conducted numerous feasibility studies, and through successfully executed capital campaigns and alumni communication programs, had helped clients raise in excess of $30 million. In March 2015 The Laurus Group acquired Stewart Howe Alumni Service in Ithaca, NY. In July 2015, they rebranded both companies under the new name “Elevate” to elevate your communications, your fundraising, and your members’ experience.

In episode 270 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Brian chose Drake University for his undergraduate experience, what was special about TKE Fraternity on that campus, what it was like to serve as Regional Director for TKE, what is the secret to his success in communications and raising money from alumni, why they decided to merge two companies together to form Elevate, what are the steps to feasibility a study and why that’s important, what newsletters stand out from the crowd and are truly effective, what is a comprehensive Alumni Relations program, and how do we ensure that fraternity stays relevant for the next 100 years. Enjoy!