Iggy Perillo: What should I do with the “problem personality” in my organization?

Iggy Perillo knows just how to deal with the “problem personality” members in your organization! Iggy is the principal and founder of WSL Leadership Coaching. She wants you to get off the leadership struggle bus already! By joining a mastermind, Iggy can show you how to grow and develop in ways you didn’t even know you needed. Whether you want to transform the world, you team, your leadership, or yourself, a mastermind can give you a powerful boost to make it happen.

In episode # 123 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Iggy went to Grinnell College in Iowa, we find out what is a Mastermind, the best way to deal with the “problem personality” in your organization, how to deal with toxic culture in your teams, what to do when your members are pulled in many directions and don’t get things done, what to do with members who are not on board with the organization’s purpose/vision, how you can be a better leader, how to have less stress at work and in relationships, what people need to know to do their best, and Iggy’s favorite food in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy!