Maria Mantoudakis: What should we do when we experience fear or negative thinking?

Maria Mantoudakis is an international best-selling author of Tsunami to Greatness, award-winning motivational speaker, transformational leader, and personal development coach of more than 20 years. Maria is the Founder and CEO of Recreate Success Now, LLC. Maria combines her knowledge and experience to empower her clients to reclaim and transform their life in their life journey to success and greatness.

In episode 339 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Maria chose Rutgers University, why she decided to write the book “Tsunami to Greatness”, what we should do when we experience fear or negative thinking, what you should do when others put you down, why Maria’s father was talking about pretty shoes, how we can rebuild relationships after the pandemic, and how students can connect with their purpose in life. Enjoy!