Dr. Pietro Sasso: How can we design a new member experience for our members’ holistic development?

Check out episode # 61 of Fraternity Foodie as we interview Dr. Pietro Sasso, educator and critical scholar! We talk about his recently released books “Foundations, Research, and Assessment of Fraternities and Sororities” and “Supporting Fraternities and Sororities in the Contemporary Era”. We ask why he chose Christopher Newport for his undergraduate experience, and what was attractive about Tau Delta Phi Fraternity. We discuss his dissertation at Old Dominion called “An Examination of Alcohol Expectations and Social Desirability in Fraternity Members on American College Campuses”, what makes SIUE special, alcohol consumption being impacted by peer influence, how higher ed and fraternities/sororities can assure the public that they are living up to their ideals, how to design a new member experience that adds to our members’ holistic development, hazing liability, chapter visits versus video conferencing support, how different fraternities/sororities can differentiate themselves, and his favorite eating spots in St. Louis. Enjoy! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqzEXbKnUUQ