Monica Irauzqui: Which countries should college students on a budget travel to this summer?

Our guest today, Monica Irauzqui, is a travel expert for Yampu Tours. Yampu Tours applies its unrivaled expertise (21 years and counting) to plan journeys of a lifetime to Mexico, Central, South America, South East Asia, Africa, and India. Their talented staff and expert guides create and lead guided tours that shepherd travelers to the region’s well-known attractions and hidden treasures on exciting customized programs.

We find out why IU Bloomington was the right choice for Monica’s college experience, why she decided to start a travel company, how they were able to work through COVID-19 as a company, which countries Americans can travel to today, why we should use a tour company when traveling internationally, how the experiences she offers give guests a unique perspective on history, people or culture of the regions where you travel, the best trips for college students on a budget, how you can do community service while you travel, how we should be researching travel destinations, what to consider when planning a safari, and the best foodie experiences all over the world.

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