Alex Marsh: How can we reduce the stigma for those seeking mental health support and treatment?

Are you frustrated with the lack of available resources for mental health on your campus? What is the wait time like to get an appointment with a therapist? Our guest today is a physician assistant who has been practicing family medicine for the past 6 years. In addition to working as a medical provider, he is a speaker who focuses on spreading awareness, education, and encouragement to others regarding mental health related topics. Topics include anxiety, depression, substance use/abuse, suicide prevention, and post concussion syndrome.

In episode #159 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, Alex Marsh talks to us about why he chose Central Michigan University, what motivates him to spend so much time working with mental health patients, how we can get to mental health treatment faster for college students, what our response should be if we learn that a friend is contemplating suicide, advice for college students in terms of coping with stress this fall, the signs students should look for in other students in terms of substance abuse, what we can do to reduce the stigma for those seeking mental health support and treatment, signs we should be looking for in post-concussion syndrome cases, and Alex’s favorite part about public speaking.