Dean Seneca: How should colleges and universities handle COVID-19 this fall?

Check out episode # 53 with Dean Seneca. Dean is a recognized expert in health sciences and a global advocate for the under-served through community participation, building infrastructure in epidemiology, and leading through diplomatic communication. Dean worked as a Senior Health Scientist for the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) for over 18 years. He supports Tribal communities in their efforts to improve health on a daily basis, and has done extensive work specifically with the Seneca Nation of Indians. He is a member of Sigma Pi Fraternity, and a very close friend.

We ask Dean why he chose the University at Buffalo as an undergraduate, what makes Sigma Pi so special, what he learned in working for the CDC for 18 years, the type of work he does as Executive Director at Seneca Scientific Solutions, whether people should be wearing masks at the grocery store, what the right approach would be for colleges and universities opening up this fall, how fraternity and sorority chapters can engage and recruit in this new normal, how COVID-19 is affecting American Indian Reservations versus the general US population, whether a second wave of Coronavirus is coming this fall, and his favorite restaurant in Buffalo, New York. Enjoy! Link: