Ken Honda: How much money do we need to be happy?

Ken Honda joins us from Tokyo, Japan! He was 29 when he first “retired” to welcome his newborn daughter in the world. At the time, he thought he was “done” with work. He had owned a successful consultant and accounting business, so successful it had allowed him to close up shop and spend his days with the apple of his eye. Little did he realize his “second” career, impacting millions by helping them heal their relationship with money, was about to begin. Ken believes that money is energy. It can be happy or unhappy. Happy Money is your invitation to let the unhappy money go and begin bringing in happy money and a sense of freedom. Ken has impacted millions with his message, selling over 8 million books worldwide.

In episode number 198, Ken Honda tells us the difference between happy money and unhappy money, why he decided to write “Happy Money, The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money” when he had everything he needed, how much money we need to be happy, how we can invite more happy money into our lives, what can couples do to fight less about money, the story of the woman who made more money at work without asking for a raise or finding another job, what parents should teach their kids about money, what about people who are truly struggling with survival, whether happy money is different for kids or senior citizens, and Ken’s favorite food from North America.