Todd Brison: How can college students make their papers and written assignments more memorable?

When Todd Brison began writing, he had a big goals, but ultimately he wound up following a two-step process: – Write a post – Pray for attention Later, when the internet matured and creators started getting paid to post, the process changed slightly. At that time, it looked like this: – Write a post – Pray for money The first half of that story led him to a world of scraping together a lot of tone-deaf half-truths for thirsty self-improvement seekers. The second half led him to take a few stabs at political writing, for no other reason than because it was popular at the time. He could not have cared less about politics, but he still chased down that cash cow. Somewhere in between drawn-out doses of dopamine from a string of fake attention metrics, he forgot a simple truth. You write because you have something to say. Now he’s on a mission to publish words that matter again.

On episode 361 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Todd decided to attend East Tennessee State University, what should aspiring writers really be concerned about, how long the strike will last with The Writers Guild of America, how much of a threat is AI and ChatGPT to writers, how our listeners can use writing to maximize their study time, how we can use writing to create better relationships, how writing can improve your mental health, how to maximize your creativity through two exercises first thing in the morning, and how college students can make their papers and written assignments more memorable. Enjoy!