Patrick Chester: How did your gambling addiction start?

Our next guest is Patrick Chester! He spent 15 years as a raging gambling addict, lost millions and destroyed his family. Patrick resorted to criminal acts to feed his addiction and ultimately ended up in jail. He’s now 5 years free of that monster and has a new purpose in life. Patrick spent many years taking from people to feed his sickness, now he’s giving back and it’s an amazing thing!

In episode number 205 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how Patrick’s gambling addiction started, what was his rock bottom, how he was able to keep his gambling addiction a secret for so long, whether he ever thought about suicide, how his wife and family found out about his addiction, if he went to treatment for his addiction, what he’s doing now to help others with gambling addiction, and why there is so much stigma surrounding addictions like gambling.