Roger Smith: How do you get your team to buy in, stay in, and work their hearts out for you?

Addiction. Homelessness. Arrests. By the time Roger Smith was 20 he was on a direct path to nowhere. He couldn’t stay clean. Couldn’t get work. Couldn’t support himself. After failing at multiple jobs, he found one he was good at – excellent at, in fact. Sales. First came a steady job. Then came promotions. Then came awards, even Salesman of the Year. Great, right? Wrong. The success and money enabled Roger’s addiction. He spent money on drugs faster than he made it and in no time his meteoric rise crashed. Hard. So hard he lost everything and tried to kill himself. At that moment, with his feet on the sand of the Pacific Ocean and with water surrounding him in the dark, he made a commitment to himself to get help. And he’s never looked back. Within a decade he’d become the CEO of one of the most financially respected insurance companies in the world. Sober. From rock bottom to rock star CEO, and author of “The Most Unlikely Leader”.

In episode 232 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out about Roger’s early life in Santa Monica addicted to drugs, how his best friend was shot right next to him while running away from a failed robbery attempt, how he finally got clean, got his mind right, and get his career back, how he was able to overcome the regret and forgive himself, signs that you’re a functioning addict, how to take control of a room in 3 easy steps, what is the power of multiple mentors, 3 decisions the leaders listening today need to make in order to turn their organization around, and how to get your team to buy in, stay in, and work their hearts out for you.