Amy Chea: What can we do to end anti-Asian and Asian-American racism?

Amy Chea currently serves as the NYC Program Officer and Small Business Advisor for the Early Care and Education team at the Low Income Investment Fund. Her passions include helping children and families reach their full potential, supporting early childhood leaders in their work, and advocating for racial equity and social justice.

In episode #131 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why UConn was the right choice for Amy, why Kappa Alpha Theta was the best fit, what has happened at Baruch College since the fraternity hazing death in 2013, more about Amy’s father who overcome an authoritarian and genocidal government in Cambodia and COVID-19, what it felt like when the first female Vice President (and the first Black and South Asian woman) was sworn in, the long and horrific history of discrimination against Asians in the United States, what we can we do to ensure equality, liberate all oppressed communities, and be an advocate in the fight for anti-racism, what happened when she tried to distribute copies of “So you want to talk about race” at a former job, and what Ruth Bader Ginsburg means to Amy. We even find out her favorite restaurants in New York City!