Brian Townsend: How can we create a more cohesive team in our fraternity or sorority?

Brian Townsend is a recognized leadership professional with extensive experience in a variety of settings. Most recently, he was a Special Agent with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). For 28 years, Brian has served in law enforcement roles at both the local and federal levels. First, he served as a police officer in Joplin, Missouri. After five years in Joplin, he earned a position with the DEA where he spent 23 years and held a variety of roles with increasing responsibility. Brian is experienced in developing and delivering training and has collaborated with other people, schools, and organizations to implement leadership and other training programs to foster growth and communication tools that improve successful education programs. Utilizing his background and experience as a law enforcement officer and educator, Brian founded Eagle 6 Training to deliver speaking, training, and consulting services around the world.

In episode 286 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Brian chose Missouri Southern State University, what was special about the men of Sigma Pi that made him want to join, what makes Brian give back as Chapter Director for the Alpha-Rho Chapter of Sigma Pi at Missouri State, how he infiltrated a transnational organized crime network, what we can learn from his training program called Leading from the Front Line, why public speaking is an important skill for college students to have, why media training is important, how we can improve morale in our fraternity or sorority, and how we create a more cohesive team in our fraternity or sorority. Enjoy!