Patricia Stahl: What are effective strategies if you are bullied or hazed in college?

Our next guest is Patricia Stahl. Patty is a therapist in private practice specializing in social anxiety. Again and again in her work, she has witnessed firsthand how enduring bullying as a child can leave painful scars that are carried into adulthood. This pain was brought home for her on a personal level when one of her sons began being bullied at his elementary school, an experience that served as the original inspiration for this project. Her goal is to empower kids with useful insights and strategies for navigating the challenges of bullying, ultimately surviving AND thriving. She has a bachelor’s degree in social psychology from Cornell University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Texas in Arlington. She lives in Dallas, Texas.
In episode 267 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Patty chose Cornell University, what happens to people as adults when they experience bullying or hazing as a child/young adult, effective strategies if you are being bullied or hazed in college, suggestions for parents of college students who are being bullied or hazed in college, what is cognitive challenging and how can that help, what are some effective ways to treat social anxiety, and more about the children’s book that Patty wrote. Enjoy!