Rashmi Airan: How can we hold our members accountable?

Rashmi Airan is a keynote speaker and consultant determined to create organizational cultures focused on integrity, authenticity, and accountability. Rashmi instills audiences with the energy and understanding to create the safe space that will allow us to engage in courageous conversations in all aspects of our lives. She will create a strategy for any organization to address reputational risk issues as they arise. Rashmi utilizes her own experiences to share her human performance methodology, technique and mindset that will catalyze leadership, growth and stability in all organizations.

In episode 377 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Rashmi chose the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, why she decided to join Chi Omega sorority, why she didn’t listen to her inner voice screaming “ask questions” about a local real-estate developer, how she viewed all of her strong relationships after serving a six-month sentence to Federal prison for bank fraud with a judgement against her future earnings, how she doesn’t let shame and remorse define who she is today, how we can hold our members accountable, how we can start vulnerable conversations in our fraternity or sorority, how she’s able to overcome the adversity in her life, and how a commitment to empathy can help us end problems such as hazing. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyzUwWEgR24