Alina Trigub: For building wealth, how does investing in the stock market compare to real estate?

With an MBA in Finance and Management from Rutgers and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy from City University of New York, Alina Trigub has worked as a Tax Accountant at Ernst & Young, as well as in the private accounting sector. She also has twenty years of successful technology experience. Alina has also worked for TF Management Group LLC, a private equity real estate fund management company, where she was the Head of Investor Relations. Alina is an active real estate investor with a concentration on the commercial real estate buy and hold strategy. Alina offers her expert and in-depth experience to support investor education through personalized one on one coaching, articles, animated video-series, and presentations as a sought after speaker at numerous real estate events. Alina lives in New Jersey with her loving husband and two awesome kids.

In episode 406 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Alina decided to come to the United States to attend Baruch College, how working as a Ernst and Young tax consultant helped to shape her, what it was like moving to the Information Technology sector for work, how she started her real estate journey, how investing in the stock market compares to investing in real estate, what college students should know about investing in their 401K or a self-directed IRA, and advice to college students on managing their debt. Enjoy!