Beverly Smirnis: How can college student organizations build strong brands online?

Today we’re going to meet Beverly Smirnis. The fact that Beverly and Steve Smirnis live, work and play together is what first inspires some of their followers. Since they first became a couple, the Smirnis team has enjoyed travel, food and wine. Their backgrounds in public relations, marketing and journalism led to published freelance articles, which earned them invitations to explore, taste and toast across the country and across the world. Their career path together started with public relations projects. The Smirnis team specialized in working with the winemaking industry and representing various fine artists. This later expanded into a niche magazine publishing career, which has been their focus now for a few decades. Key contacts and keen insights were built over their long history in print media. In the consumer world, this translates to luxury lifestyle, and in the homebuilding industry they have long served, they are privy to resources, design trends and best practices. In episode 389 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what Beverly’s parents had planned for her before she left for college, why she chose Southern Methodist University for her undergraduate experience, whether it’s a good idea to take a “gap year”, what is the Savvy Life, how she’s had so much success with luxury brands, how college student organizations can build strong brands online, more about Beverly’s new podcast called “People Pursuing Passions”, and Beverly’s advice for today’s college students. Enjoy!