Sultan Deniz: What are some meditation techniques to wake up in the morning without anxiety?

Our next guest is Sultan Deniz. Almost all her life she was searching for her “more”. She tried to figure out this thing called life, hitting lots of ups and downs. Until her MORE finally found her. Sultan’s life turned upside dzown & changed completely when she came into contact with meditation. It empowered her 100% + beyond. All areas of her life changed. She became a more peaceful, calm, at ease, clear, more centered, and clearly a more fulfilled person. Empowered. The mission of her heart is to empower souls – her way. To show you how to do the same is totally available for you, and in your life.

In episode 310 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out about Sultan’s early career as a banker in Germany, what are 3 world philosophies she studied for a more confident, abundant, and fulfilled life, What is the role of a meditative coach, what are some gifts she received from meditation, what techniques can we use to wake up in the morning without a racing mind or anxiety, whether meditation can help us with fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and increased stress levels, what meditation can we do in 20 minutes, what are three meditative secrets to improving our relationships, and how she started writing her meditative poetry book called My Ocean of Life. Enjoy!