Lizz Carter Clark: How can students raise the bar on their campus culture?

We have Lizz Carter Clark with us today, the Executive Director of College Moxie! College Moxie’s mission is to educate collegiate women about risks associated with Campus Culture and empower them to know their worth, and make choices that serve them. They do this through evocative panel and speaker events and small group curriculum designed to start and snowball conversations on relevant but difficult topics. These topics include hook-up culture, pressures of social media, body image, sexual assault, drug and alcohol use and others. College Moxie strives to Lead with Love, Speak with Respect and Engage with Truth.

In episode #129 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Lizz chose USC, why Pi Beta Phi is such a great fit, her favorite roles as a television and film actress, why she started College Moxie, some of the myths, lies, and hypocrisy of comparative-culture, the best way to connect with PNM’s, the best exit strategies for awkward and potentially unsafe moments, how student leaders be better leaders by using empathy, and how students can raise the bar on their campus culture. We also find out her favorite restaurant in Newport Beach, California! Enjoy.