Bridget Gum: What can Universities do to offer better services for those with physical disabilities?

After you listen to this podcast episode, you will learn what Universities can do to offer better services and more appropriate accommodations for students with physical disabilities, and the things that our fraternities and sororities can do to be more attractive to students on campus with physical disabilities.

In episode #151 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we have with us Bridget Gum, a student at Rider University. When Bridget was an infant, she developed a rare autoimmune disorder that attacked her spinal cord and left her paralyzed below the upper chest with partial control over four limbs. It’s a condition that Bridget has learned to work around, prideful of the way she compensates for the physical difficulties.

We find out what is Transverse Myelitis, how a family summer camp made entirely for others with this disability became a life changing experience, what it’s like being diagnosed with epilepsy, why Rider University was the best choice for Bridget, what was special about Phi Sigma Sigma at Rider, an update on renovations to the Phi Sigma Sigma house at Rider to make it accessible for those with physical disabilities, what Universities can do to offer better services and more appropriate, what fraternities and sororities could do to be more attractive to those with disabilities so they can have the same experiences as an able-bodied person, and what the future looks like for Bridget. Enjoy!