Omega Psi Phi Analyzes Modern Dating: Netflix and Chill?


I was fascinated to read this article about Omega Psi Phi hosting an event on campus at Eastern Illinois University to analyze modern dating. Many fraternities focus on chivalry, and sometimes you have to wonder if it still exists. I’m also curious about the social aspect of modern dating. In the past, men and women would meet in person to have conversations and determine if they wanted to further pursue a relationship. Today, so many people meet online through various forums, websites, and apps. If today’s undergraduate student meets through Tinder without the initial face to face interaction, how does that dynamic change the dating experience? What are men’s and women’s opinions on “Netflix and Chill”? For me, it would be really interesting to host a forum like this on any college campus to see perspectives from both men and women on dating etiquette. I’m thinking that your Fraternity or Sorority chapter is a great place to start this conversation and then expand it to the entire community!