Clint Pardoe: What are some communication tools that students can use to improve relationships?

As Clint Pardoe was about to graduate from college, he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his degree in Business. This, combined with the ending of a romantic relationship, led him to experiencing overt anxiety, which led to depression, which led to some deep soul-searching. He spent the next year waiting tables & obsessively reading books about personal growth and spirituality.

Inspired by a former Professor, Clint went to graduate school to teach public speaking and interpersonal communication classes at the college level and, after a few years of doing so, did post-graduate work in Business/Life Coaching. This led to him writing The 4 Secrets to College Life Success and speaking & coaching in both the college and real estate markets.

A decade later, two decades after this journey started, Clint felt called to refocus his energy on speaking at colleges and now offers two programs, Awaken Your Potential & Wake Up Call. He also hosts a weekly podcast-like meditation and conversation where, in community, college students can awaken to and live more of their full potential.

In episode 431 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what made Clint want to become an Adjunct Professor, what is Youth Speaker University and what Clint does for them, what is emotional balance, what are some communication tools that students can use in order to improve relationships with family, friends, teachers, and significant others, what are tips to improve time management skills, why support from others helpful for students to transform areas of their own lives, why service is so important for college students, and what his TEDx talk is about versus his presentations on college campuses. Enjoy!