Renaye Thornborrow: What are some exercises we can use to build a healthy mind?

Our next guest is Renaye Thornborrow! She is a leading a world-wide movement to inspire and empower kids to own their magnificent life, and to reach their fullest potential through the power of life coaching for kids and mindset development – through Coaching Stories! Her WISDOM Coach® Certification program is enabling professionals on six continents and 30+ countries to use fun coaching stories and activities to help kids develop strong self-esteem and self-confidence, build resilience and coping skills, think for themselves and make good decisions, stand up to peer pressure, live life with intention and achieve their goals, and so much more.

In episode number 307 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Renaye chose Texas A&M, what is Adventures in Wisdom and how does it help kids, what are the most common challenges she is seeing with students today, what exercises we can use to build a healthy mind, how students can improve self-confidence and self-esteem, what is the bounce back formula to improve resilience, what improving mindset skills actually means, what are the differences between life coaching and therapy or counseling, and who can become a life coach. Enjoy!