Aria: As a two-time terminal cancer survivor, how did you make it through?

Today our guest is Aria. Aria is a recording artist and two-time terminal cancer survivor. Graduating college with a BFA in music she released her debut album in 2017 and completed a solo four month US tour! After relearning to walk and talk due to a debilitating car wreck she now works in the cancer and mental health communities as a speaker and trauma coach while continuing to heal and empower through her music.

In episode number 168 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what it was like growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, what it’s like to hear that you have 5 years to live with your cancer diagnosis, what happened when the cancer came back into the temporal lobe of her brain, how she got into a debilitating car wreck, why she chose to get a BFA from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, what it’s like to be recording albums and touring around the country, what her comeback song on Spotify (called Tragedy) is really all about, what college students should do when the going gets tough, what’s next in Aria’s career, and her favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.