Leia Hunt: Why did you start a non-profit in high school, and how do you help other families?

Our next guest, Leia Hunt, is a 2x childhood cancer survivor, founder of the nonprofit known as Leia’s Kids, podcast host, inspirational speaker, and author of My Battle Plan Journal. Leia has turned the devastation of her childhood cancer into a testimony of hope and faith. Leia is passionate about sharing her story and has embraced the opportunity to speak at various events. Leia’s unique perspective on surviving and thriving is a story that she is willing to share with others.

In episode 436 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what Leia’s childhood was like with all the side effects from chemo treatment and being blind in one eye, why she started a non-profit and how she helps other families, how does the Board of Directors help the non-profit move forward, what are some of the bills and legislation that you are advocating for, what are the journals that were created for folks who are battling childhood cancer, how Leia can help by speaking on your college campus, what are some of the future plans for Leia’s Kids, and how things have gone at Collin College and then Texas A&M Commerce while running the non-profit. Enjoy!