Philip Blackett: How can we disagree without disrespect on college campuses?

Professionally speaking, Philip Blackett is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their dream businesses, while utilizing his skillset in sales, marketing and business development. Philip served as President of Cemetery Services, Inc., a seven-figure business he bought based in the Greater Boston area. He’s worked at FedEx, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Chick-fil-A. Philip graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with his Masters of Divinity (M.Div) degree with a concentration in Great Commission Studies. He also earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. In college, Philip graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain Scholar, majoring in Political Science and Economics. Philip is a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. When he is not fulfilling his purpose, Philip enjoys reading, watching sports, and raising his twin daughters, Sofia and Elizabeth, with his wife Mayra.

In episode 435 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Philip decided to go to UNC Chapel Hill, why he decided to join Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., what makes companies like as FedEx, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Chick-fil-A successful, How can we navigate tough conversations and disagree with someone’s views but still respect and love that person, how can we train ourselves to be open to new ideas and thoughts, what lessons he learned from his first failed business, what are the core four of dream business growth. Enjoy!