Amanda Young: How did the right psychiatrist help to get clear, aligned, and under control?

Amanda Young is a Bestselling Author, Mental Health Advocate and Podcast Host. When life threw her a massive curve ball resulting in the loss of her dream job, Amanda used that moment to pivot her mindset instead of dwell in misfortune. She’s used that setback to help set up dreams she never thought were possible: becoming a bestselling author who uses her voice to inspire conversations surrounding mental health, breaking societal norms and advocating for inclusivity. After her Bipolar 2 diagnosis in 2021, Amanda learned the necessity of speaking up and has been using her voice to advocate towards mental health awareness and acceptance. Using her voice, regardless of who is listening, truly has become Amanda’s superpower – one she’s extremely proud of.

In episode 218 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Amanda chose the University of South Florida, what was special about the women of Sigma Delta Tau sorority, what her goal was in working with killer whales and the people that work with these animals, what she did when she was laid off from the job – sharing her journey online and building a community to support mental health, how contracting COVID-19 pushed her to daily panic attacks, the goal for her mental health podcast called Sunshine and Rainbows, more about her children’s book series and how it reached Amazon’s Bestseller List, how finding a psychiatrist that would actually listen to her symptoms helped to get clear, aligned, and under control, the warning signs we should be looking for in our fraternity brothers and sorority sisters, and where students can go for help with their mental health.